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Author: Euan Fisher

  • Review Add on: 15/10/2019
  • Average Rating:

This is a good supplement and high quality I feel it is working on me. I switched from the other brand to this one because I can see that it is not working for me at all. I love the packaging, it's very convenient to bring anywhere and it's very lightweight.

Author: Franklin Campbell

  • Review Add on: 24/01/2019
  • Average Rating:

I have been using this for a year now, and nothing changed it's still the best for me. It's very good!

Author: Kane Wilkinson

  • Review Add on: 20/12/2018
  • Average Rating:

I bought this for my son who has an Ulcerative Colitis, and this has been a great help for him considering that this is a supplement. He loves it too!

Author: Elias Hall

  • Review Add on: 21/06/2018
  • Average Rating:

This L-Glutamine is well-made and has a significant impact when it comes to my muscle recovery. I used this as a supplement after work-out it didn't drained all my energy, instead, I have more to keep my life on a day and become productive. I tried others in pill form but no effect on me hence I will stick to this powder.

Author: Ray Kelly

  • Review Add on: 14/11/2017
  • Average Rating:

Great product at its low price! My IBS has improved and I couldn't ask for more. I just started 4 days ago with 14g a day.

Author: Max Robinson

  • Review Add on: 18/10/2017
  • Average Rating:

I highly recommend this to anyone who has an issue with their Gastrointestinal issues or Tummy issues, this is a must-have! I can tell already cause I've been a user for 6 months now and on-going.

Author: Ernie Mccarthy

  • Review Add on: 17/10/2017
  • Average Rating:

This is one of the greatest help I had after having a Gastric Bypass since last year. My own doctor recommended me this because a lot of his patients are taking Micronized L-Glutamine for their recovery and from this shop too. I am happy that I followed her.

Author: Jonah Chapman

  • Review Add on: 03/09/2017
  • Average Rating:

Great product! Blends easily also fast delivery and great customer service!

Author: Solomon Cook

  • Review Add on: 23/11/2016
  • Average Rating:

No taste and I love it. Natural factors do a great job of micronization of the powder for better absorption. This is the only brand I purchase and I trust when it comes to supplements.

Author: Hugo Wilkinson

  • Review Add on: 05/05/2016
  • Average Rating:

This supplement cuts down my desire for sweets and alcohol which is a good thing because I've been avoiding it for the longest of time. It really works!

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