Citruline Malate Powder 250 grams

Key benefits
  • 100% Pure and No Additives
  • Contains 3000mg per serving
  • Supports High-Intensity Training
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Your Goal

Raw Powders™ offers pure L-Citrulline Malate powder with no additives!

What is L-Citrulline?

L-Citrulline is one of the three amino acids in the Urea cycle (other 2 are L-Arginine and L-Ornithine) L-Citrulline turns into L-Arginine after absorption. Approximately 83% of orally ingested citrulline appears to be taken up by the kidneys where it is converted into L-Arginine. While L-Arginine is poorly absorbed taking L-Citrulline may be a reasonable option for those that are seeking for a more stable way of increasing your plasma arginine levels.
IMPORTANT! Arginine can increase plasma arginine levels, for a short period of time. However, citrulline provides a more prolonged boost in plasma arginine.

Why Citrulline Malate?

Adding malic acid to citrulline enhances pharmaceutical stability and improves its absorption.

Pure l-Citrulline Malate.

Take 1 scoop (3000 mg) 1-2 times daily.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is intended to be used alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Finley Simpson 20/03/2019
I really dont know what to order, they have a good customer service they will cater all the things you have to know and apart from that I can say that their products are high quality. Information on their website are absolutely complete and knowledgeable.
Dillon Robinson 12/07/2018
Seems that it actually lowers my blood pressure, and somehow increased my blood flow. Could use a desiccant pack in it to keep it from clumping as it is powder.
Zachariah Fox 19/06/2018
This product is amazing! It lowered my blood pressure, and it eliminates my ED. Highly recommended!
Charlie Howard 28/01/2018
I will reorder again! My mother takes it too. We both felt the difference when we took it the first time. My mother claims it gives her more energy than usual. This is a Natural Product which your body won't react but it is a good way.
Lucian Barnes 04/01/2018
Exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered it from Raw Powders. I also ordered some supplements from them, and I never encountered any problems with their products all effective.
Andrei Murray 15/12/2017
Highly recommended and works well for preworkout routine! Gives me more energy that can sustain until I got to work and home in the evening. Also, it works well with Micronized L-Glutamine.
Robert Kingsley 17/10/2017
Taking it for a week now, I already feel the difference which it really claims. Good thing I found out about Raw Powders, this is a big help for me!
Morgan Lewis 03/07/2017
Powder is easier to take than capsules. The powder is very fine and I can say it is the highest quality I tried.
Harley Gardner 21/09/2016
At first, I dont really believe that this actually lowers blood pressure cause it's just a supplement but now I am one of the people who can guarantee that it is good and true. However, be cautious and you may want to research more.

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Customer Reviews


Works really well and seems not to be fake. Compared to the "original" noopept, this is a very high dose that really helps me being productive.

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Please for the love of god get this stuff back in stock. Its the way to go when it comes to phenibut

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Was pretty good. Would order it again.

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Any time soon restock? Really great product.

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Really good product for calming physical anxieties. If I feel jittery or nervous I take around 3-4 tablets and it works wonders. Lower doses seem to also work well combined with caffeine.

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